About Me

I believe there is a ::universal:: Plan for Happiness and Salvation.
I believe Abundance is our Birthright.
I believe we are an eternal family even after you loose the love of your life.
I love the way sunsets and sunrises make me feel, especially when I am at the beach. I marvel at the beauties of nature.
I can’t hear a patriotic song without getting goosebumps. I love our country & what it stands for so much that it overwhelms me.
Self-esteem is more about how you feel than how you look.
I believe 70% Dark Chocolate is one of the major food groups.
I exercise more so I can eat more frozen yogurt and Gelato.
I enjoy going to the movies because it means I get to have popcorn.
I don’t like to waste food, but to keep myself from indulging in the leftover dessert I throw it in the trash.
My favorite spice and flavors are in Mexican food. The salsa & dressing are what makes or breaks it for me.
I relax at night watching NCIS, Castle and Hawaii 5-O.
I cry at all Hallmark movies, even if I have seen them before.
I don't always pay attention to no parking signs or no trespassing signs.  I think that they must be for someone else.
I believe being a Family is totally immersive.  You are in it 100% all the time.